Efi live vats delete

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Efi live vats delete

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Results 1 to 15 of Thread: Ls swap ecu deletes Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Ls swap ecu deletes When i first did my 5. Depends on the application I guess. If evap isn't needed, those codes and systems would be removed, same with EGR or air pump if equipped.

Sometimes even the computer being used can determine if removing the rear o2 sensors can be removed completely.

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HP Tuners can't turn off a cat test in some of the P59 computers so leaving the o2 sensors there is required but the DTC's can be turned off. What about like fans. Either wire them up to work with the PCM or put them on a switch. My buddy just make switches for his in the rock crawler he swapped a 5. On a P59 computer What year did they start doing the cat test??? If im doing a harness I want to be sure I leave the rear cat wires there.

Thanks Richard. For sure I've dealt with it a and trucks. I'm sure I've seen it on several other years that range from The easiest way to tell is if the sensors where removed the commanded AFR will to 16 then down to 13 or vise versa as the computer is commanding the test. It can happen at random during the drive cycles. Is there a way to look at the P59 controller using HP tuners before I start reworking the harness Ls1 tech may have write ups for wiring and powering it.

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Ya I have made one Sure I did, you have to run the vehicle to see. There is no "table" that will show you and there is no way to just look at the tune file to see if the test will happen with the P59 you have. Let just put it this way, there is a great chance that any P59 computer with the rear o2 sensor removed on a DBW vehicle that the cat test will be always be active with the rear o2 sensors completely removed.

Run the ecu with O2 codes for the rear disabled and if you see spots that don't add up scroll through the log and check to see if the test triggered. If you tune by referencing against the commanded afr and you have it properly dialed in then you test mode isn't an issue anyways. The cat test swings the fuel ratio to see if the rear o2 sensors also swing as a result of the drastic afr change. This case doesn't matter for you unless your a California vehicle in which case you have to pass a sniff test and cant have any emissions test reporting back as incomplete.

Also, according to CARB regulations any vehicles that have motor swaps from a newer year platform must conform to the emissions standards for the year and vehicle the motor was removed from; further adding to the pain in butt that is the Holly Land of Retardation Last i checked this was the case for the Anaheim, CA test facilities in As we all know they don't relax rules in California either which likely makes these rules still hold true.

Most other states are either visual inspection or are like the NV area i live in and just plug into the ecu and scan for failed emissions tests.Remember Me? What's New? Results 1 to 17 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Car is rarely driven. Every few months the security light starts flashing again. I want to completely delete the VATS. How the heck do I do it and make the security light go away forever?!?!

From what I read I just had to deselect it. What DTC's? Post your tune and I'll check. Try setting P to 3 no report. Did you do a "write entire" when you deleted the VATS? I did. Multiple times. Every time the Security light shows up I do and it is fine for like a month or 2 sitting.

The car only gets driven a few times a year. I will try that code! I will let you know in a few months lol!!! Last edited by mrr23; at PM.

LS ECU Unlock VATs $45.00

Thank you all. I have been fiddling and I am leaning towards the ignition cylinder too. A new cylinder every 16 years isn't that big a deal lol. Is it not possible to completely delete the vats?Remember Me? What's New? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of May 3rd, 1. VATS deletion E Yeah it's me again trying to get my moneys worth on the forums. Should be simple but it's not. The engine is up and running on another E40 with VATS delete just as it shows in the software and forum searches.

Engine will not crank after Vats delete.

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This is the code: P theft deterent signal not learned. Have full reflashed with different settings many times. No rush, there's a beer in the fridge! Thank-you, John with the Volvo that doesn't crank. May 3rd, 2. May 3rd, 3. I've been trying to keep it simple so I did not change any of those DTC types. Actually posted about that a while back and the hire ups tell me that the OS are completely different and I'd lose the DOD. Have searched Vats delete E40 in forums and only a couple of posts come up.

Spent 10 full hours yesterday working on BEN logs and learning the software. I've had this over a year, taken the EFILIVE training which was well worth itand lost most all of the hair that was still left on my head. Ounce I get it down the payback should be huge. We just purchased an 08 HD 6 liter. Thanks GM! Would you suggest I delete those codes and try again? Thanks, John. May 4th, 4. Is the tune for a manual trans or Auto?

If it is for a manual it is probably looking for the clutch switch before it will crank. Cheers, Ross. Need official EFILive help, please go here. For tuning support please post your questions on this forum or other auto forums. Sorry if I don't respond to your PM, don't take it personal. May 4th, 5. Thanks for the reply, The tune is from an automatic. I also have the T42 with the same Vin. The clutch switch is checked also I'd love to be able to use this ECM.

I'm ready for the next step!??? May 6th, 6. May 7th, 7.GM Programming.

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Allison TCMs. Welcome to our GM programming page. Pre-LML 6. Your ECU or ours, professionally programmed to your specific requirements and modifications at a competitive price. Sincewe have programmed s of ECUs for satisfied customers.

Change VIN. Disable VATS.

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Change RPM or speed limiters. Speedometer correction for axle ratio or tire changes. Premium or regular octane programming. Change fan turn-on temp settings. Remap shift patterns for performance or towing. Remap shift pressures for firmer shifts.

Modify TCC lockup speeds for performance or towing. Program for high stall TC.

Motherboard tpu red light

Switch automatic to manual transmission or vice versa. Compensate for displacement changes.

efi live vats delete

Adjust for different fuel injectors. Adjust for larger throttle body. Program for cam changes. Remove or modify torque management.

efi live vats delete

Nitrous, forced induction, etc Advanced programming options segment swaps, stealth tunes, etc. To ask any questions or place orders please email Alex at. Please include your VIN if applicable in your email as this makes it easier and faster to answer your questions.

Please look carefully over the info on this page 1st, since the answers to many questions pricing, turnaround, can we program for X, Y, Z, etc are already here. We do not sell the software. Fill it out and save using Adobe Reader.

Email us the completed form and we will send you a Paypal request. We will send you a PayPal request after we receive your package. Our mailing address is on the form and below. Or we can adjust the program for free if you so choose. Program Updates :. If you do not see your application listed, please send us an email inquiry with your VIN. Chevy SSR 5. Pontiac GTO 5.VIN Licenses are required to tune additional vehicles per tuning module.

Device not included. Emissions Compliant tuning only. A new purchase is required for VINs that do not match. Select the vehicle you wish to tune. Price includes base tuning. Available options:.

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VIN Licenses are required to tune additional vehicles. Switches are required to utilize switchable tuning if selected. Transmission tuning comes highly recommended for all vehicles that have been flashed with our custom tuning. JavaScript must be supported by your browser and needs to be enabled in order to view this page. When creating custom calibrations PPEI takes all driving styles into consideration while designing a sporty drive-ability while maintaining fuel efficiency and improving the overall performance all together.

Turbo braking included in tow tunes. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Select your vehicle to view the options that are available to you. The injector upgrade is available for PPEI users who wish to make their current tune compatible with aftermarket injectors. A DSP5 switch must be used to allow switchable tuning. If you feel this is a mistake, please contact us at support teamppei. Redefining The Limits.

Popular Brands.Remember Me? What's New? Results 1 to 7 of 7. February 18th, 1. My buddy has a 02 SS that won't start. He has replaced every thing except the starter it's self. He has good voltage and all the accessories work but there is no contact to the starter. His security light flashes when he goes to the key on possition. Through his research he has determined it is his VATS system. How do I disable that with EFI live? Is it in the DTC's? I read some thing about a patch?

February 18th, 2. Hi Brett, Did he check: - starter relay fuse, - starter relay swap it with another like-looking one. Look at the attached diagram. In the tunefile set G to None.

efi live vats delete

Attached Thumbnails. Last edited by joecar; May 23rd, at AM. February 18th, 3. Did he try cleaning the key resistor? Sometimes my car will do this if the key is not fully seated in the ignition. Other than putting the proper resistor inline between the key and the BCM, you can do nothing. February 18th, 4. Originally Posted by mr. Need official EFILive help, please go here.

For tuning support please post your questions on this forum or other auto forums. Sorry if I don't respond to your PM, don't take it personal. February 18th, 5. Thanks guys.Remember Me? What's New? Results 1 to 7 of 7. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. This one's probably best left to the pros, just to avoid any misinformation.

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Do I have to disable Starter Fault checks? Do I have to disable Starter Diag checks? Do I have to disable Clutch Disable checks?

Thanks for your insight, guys.

efi live vats delete

I appreciate your taking the time. There are so many computers and calibrations out there, it's not really possible to tell you everything here when every computer could be different. If the VATS is under the systems tab is does not require a write entire, you can do a write calibration only. Some of the starter checks, clutch checks etc etc could all depend on what you are dealing with.

If it's a motor swap into something not using a factory transmission or something different like that. Can anyone explain to me why the starter checks affect VATS?

Or the clutch checks? All of them. I have gm p04 ecm and want to work around p dtc. It doesn't have to be perfect, it just needs to be done in two weeks A wise man once said "google it". All times are GMT The time now is AM.

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