Crockett doodles reviews

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Crockett doodles reviews

Best Bernedoodles partners with CrockettDoodles. Crockett Doodles has purchased several champion bloodline Bernese Mountain Dogs and poodles to place in the homes of ideal candidates. Crockett Doodles overseas the breeding process, and works with each family along with the family's personal veterinarian to insure that each pup is healthy and very well-socialized. The families below are the core of the Best Bernedoodles breeding program.

Each family has a couple dogs in the program as pets. They choose how often they would like their pet to be bred. Reviews

Crockett Doodles supervises getting the ideal sire with the ideal dam, and the family helps raise the pups, with veterinary care and the help of the Crockett Doodles team. Before that, he was an executive assistant in the Pentagon and a program manager for the avionics cockpit upgrade on Marine One. Jenn is an artist and a wonderful mom raising five great children, homeschooling some, and has a passion to help others.

The Stuhls love their male Bernese, Nova and female poodle, Phoebe. For years, they have loved Bernese Mountain Dogs, so the opportunity to serve as a guardian home with Crockett Doodles and Best Bernedoodles was sa natural fit. Cienna the Stuhl's oldest daughter is an integral part of the Crockett Doodles social media team.

She and her husband, Gary, who is the Provost at BJU, have been married for 27 years and have four children: two teenagers, two twenty-somethings and two awesome dogs. As a family they serve in a variety of ministries with the Crocketts and are one of the pick up locations for Crockett Doodles.

Crockett Doodles Website Overview

They enjoy investing in the students God has called them to serve and welcome them frequently into their home for puppy therapy. Ben Plumb and Nathan Crockett have been friends through elementary, high school, college, and grad school. Ben is a successful businessman in the Greenville area, and his wife Katie works for the Greenville Auditor's office.

They love their mini phantom poodle and Bernese girl. The Crouches love their 35 pound mini Bernedoodle sire, Triplett. Renee Crouch is just about the world's biggest animal lover. She can't imagine life without Triplett constantly at her side. Triplett was from a pick of the litter of three pups. Because he came from three pups, and was a tri-color, he earned himself the name Triplett Trip for short. Trip has a fantastic disposition and loves being around children.

From toddlers to teens, the Crouches always have kids around, and Trip never meets a stranger--he's always so NICE to the kids. Triplett is a small little gentleman. We're excited to see the gorgeous mini Bernedoodle pups that Triplett will father in the future.

Jason and Liana Houtz are a young couple who are happy to have two mini Bernedoodle girls as part of their family. Greta is a bi-color black and white pound mini Bernedoodle with strong a strong tri-color background.

The Crocketts are good friends with the Houtz family, and the Crockett kids enjoy playing with Greta and Ginger. Jesse works as a sales manager at a sensor manufacturer and serves as a deacon and Adult Bible Study teacher at Bethany Baptist Church. Heather is a stay at home mother, teaches Sunday school at BBC, and enjoys hosting the Brevard College girls Bible study in their home weekly. Their poodle, Kara is a loving, nurturing and protective member of the Nelson family.

Kara has a wonderful temperament, was easily trained, and is great with children and other animals, including the family cat. Kara has far exceeded the Nelson's expectations of a family pet, and they're thrilled to be part of the Crockett Doodles program.

Email nathan crockettdoodles.Nathan Crockett grew up in a home that always had a dog lhasa apso; mixed breed; toy sheltie.

Our History

His wife Abigail grew up always having a yellow Labrador Retriever. The Goldendoodle's non-shedding coat, friendly personality and hybrid vigor were huge draws. After a long search to get a Goldendoodle from a reputable breeder, they welcomed a champion bloodline beautiful Goldendoodle into their family.

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The Crocketts decided to become the kind of breeder they had such a hard time finding family raised pups from a responsible breeder. They bought a gorgeous apricot poodle and planned to do one litter a year of home-raised pups.

After creating the bestGoldendoodles. Within a couple minutes, the Crocketts had deposits on all 12 Goldendoodle pups, and had to send an email saying the deposits were now closed. They realized they could never keep up with the demand for quality home-raised pups from a quality breeder.

Not wanting to start a kennel, they worked with close friends of theirs to become partner homes. The Crocketts bought outstanding Goldendoodles for several of their friends, provided the poodle stud, and connected the puppies to wonderful forever homes. These partner homes became an ideal way to have truly family raised pups, yet provide more than one litter a year.

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They added Labradoodles the second year specializing in chocolate. For many years now, Crockett Doodles has become known as a premier breeder of Goldendoodles and Labradoodles.

Over the past few years, they've had requests from numerous other families who believe in home-raised pups. Several of these family friends had a desire to do a doodle breed other than Labradoodles or Goldendoodles. Crockett Doodles strategically partnered with the Dion family to do family-raised Aussiedoodles, the Arnolds to raise Springerdoodles, the Hamblens with Sheepadoodles, the Weiers with Bernedoodles, the Houtzs with Newfiedoodles, the Taylors with Saint Berdoodles, and Nathan's brother Isaac Crockett with Irishdoodles.

Because each family has one or two dogs, it allows them to be true family pets. Crockett Doodles is able to devote resources to fully vetting all puppy applicants, marketing each new doodle breed, working through health tests, etc. We have found it to be a wonderful arrangement to provide outstanding family-raised doodle puppies to great families.

One huge advantage to the Crockett Doodles program is that a deposit for one kind of doodle can be transferred to any other doodle in our network. We have such high demand and can accept only a fraction of depositsthat we are thrilled for a mini Goldendoodle deposit to be transferred to a mini Sheepadoodle or mini Bernedoodle or mini Labradoodle.

Our program allows a great amount of flexibility to those who have placed a deposit with Crockett Doodles. Your deposit can be refunded at any time, for any reason. Crockett Doodles Network. Crockett Doodles History Dr.We had an incredible experience with Crockett Doodles and the host family that we picked up our sweet pup from! They were so sweet and kind and provided great info for us. Crockett Doodles also does a wonderful job providing info and resources to you before picking up your puppy.

crockett doodles reviews

We absolutely love our little guy! Picked our Aussie Doodle up from an amazing family, who was so nice and helpful. The puppy was amazingly clean and friendly.

After much research and thought we decided to go with Crockett Doodles. This is not a typical breeder at all. After we put down a deposit in Feb 17, we got our puppy at the end of Oct He has been the biggest joy and the smartest fella ever.

Our vet was overjoyed when I handed him the manual that came with him. This manual covers everything we need to know and offers much He checked out in perfect health and has grown so much these short few months.

We are a family that believes in rescuing or adopting if at all possible but during all of my searches and research this was our best option. Thank you Nathan and family. Ps: our boy was also delivered to us by his own personal driver since we were unable to make the drive that weekend.

Best Goldendoodle and Mini Goldendoodle Breeders

Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility help. Email or phone Password Forgotten account? See more of Crockett Doodles on Facebook. Log In.

Forgotten account?We invited Charlie, our chocolate labradoodle into our lives with the professional help of Nathan and his team at Crockett Doodles - we could not be happier. Selection and education process to These people are running a puppy mill - yes they gave me my money back plus dollars money to cover my expenses we drove 6 hours to get the dog and stayed in a hotel twice so we spent way We adopted a four month old mini Goldendoodle from Crockett Doodles after much research on the Internet.

I was impressed with their integrity in breeding, their focus on the health of the puppies, Welcome to the family sweet Josey!!

We absolutely love our new Mini Labradoodle from Crockett Doodles!! What an amazing experience with them! The whole process was so easy and they delivered to We picked up our Charlie a year ago from Crockett Doodles. Everything about our experience has been perfect. We took him to the vet immediately, and she was very impressed with his health and with Yahoo Local.

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crockett doodles reviews

Mail Go to Mail. Help Account Info Help Suggestions. Yahoo Home. Is this your business? Verify your listing. Reviews 5 Thaminda R. Debra S. Debbie L. Sharon P. Lisa J. Write a review Read all 13 reviews. You might also like.At cozydoodles. All puppies are raised in our Las Vegas home with air conditioning in the summer and plenty of heat in the winter. At the appropriate age, all puppies are taken outside every day to stretch their paws and to begin potty training.

Whether or not you have already decided that a Goldendoodle or Labradoodle puppy is right for you, you've come to the right place. We have been breeding, first Poodles, and then Doodles, in Las Vegas since and are Our verifiable testimonials, dating all the way back towere posted to a third party website long before we had a website by our customers who actually left links to their emails.

And on January 20, Melia even wrote in her 5-star review "Amazing " These days, many breeders require you to fill out an application, and also enter into a contract, to purchase their puppy. You gotta be kidding me We, on the other hand We have even seen contracts out there in which the breeder, not the customer, actually retains ownership of the dog.

crockett doodles reviews

And only after certain conditions are met, does the buyer actually gain ownership!! Many breeders collect deposits and then require all buyers to show up at one specified day and one specified time to both choose and take home their puppy.

This is certainly convenient for the breeder, but not for the buyer. We, on the other hand, are We understand that everyone is busy so we are flexible with appointments to choose, visit and pickup your puppy. In her 5-star review "Oodles of lovely doodles"Desiree explains how she "flew from Baltimore to Vegas to visit the pups at Jo and Rick's home.

They were very accommodating, knowledgeable, and friendly people.Aussiedoodles are incredibly smart, loyal and very loving. They are sometimes called Einstein dogs for their smarts and velcro dogs for their loyalty.

Aussiedoodles have thick beautiful coats that typically do not shed and are hypoallergenic. Perhaps an Aussiedoodle from Best Aussiedoodles would be a good fit for your family. Best Aussiedoodle Breeders focuses on family raised, home raised puppies that are well-socialized. An Aussiedoodle is a designer dog. Aussiedoodles are a cross between the incredibly intelligent Australian Shepherd Aussies and the equally intelligent and non-shedding Poodle. An ideal Aussiedoodle is incredibly intelligent, fiercely loyal, highly trainable, great with kids, and low-to-non shedding.

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Many people wonder how Aussiedoodles differ from Labradoodles and Goldendoodles. Aussiedoodles called Aussie-poos by some share the friendliness, health due to hybrid vigor and low-to-non-shedding coat of their cousins the Goldendoodle and Labradoodle.

The primary difference with an Aussiedoodle is that Aussiedoodles tend to exhibit a greater loyalty to their owners. Goldendoodles and Labradoodles tend to never meet a stranger.

Aussiedoodles are friendly enough, but they like to stick close to their owners. You could walk through a crowd with an Aussiedoodle following you the whole way. Your Goldendoodle or Labradoodle would get lost licking other strangers. We've tried several top quality foods and have landed on TLC puppy and dog food. TLC is a fabulous choice for quality, value, and service they ship fresh food for free to your door.

Another difference is that Aussiedoodles usually have a much greater variety of coat coloration compared to Labradoodles and Goldendoodles and sometimes have blue eyes. Besides having a more loyal personality and different coloration in coat color, a third difference is that Aussiedoodles tend to be less expensive than a comparable Goldendoodle or Labradoodle.

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This is probably due to the fact that Aussiedoodles are not yet as popular as Goldendoodles and Labradoodles, and the reality that Aussies tend to be working dogs which are relatively inexpensive compared to some show breeds.

We do not breed dogs for our livelihood.

Cockapoo Pricing

I am a customer carpenter and my wife is a stay-at-home mom with our kids. The three of them are great dogs with excellent temperaments. Our family-raised Aussiedoodles can make excellent pets for someone looking for an energetic dog that often will not shed or shed very little.

An Aussiedoodle will need plenty of exercise or its natural energy and high intelligence can create problems for a family. At BestAussiedoodles. Over the past many years, they have developed an outstanding reputation as premier Goldendoodle and Labradoodle breeders in the Southeast. They have a strict application process with far more demand than supply. Crockett Doodles is one of the only doodle breeders who has to weed out many potential families through their application process because their Goldendoodle and Labradoodle pups are in such high demand.

We went to BJU where Dr. We count the Crocketts as close friends. Crockett Doodles has stayed committed in philosophy to home-raised pups, and they have helped us from beginning to end with the process of finding a quality Aussie, creating a website, providing ideal care for the pups, and guiding us through the development of a reasonable and fair application process.

We have been amazed at how many people want an Aussiedoodle from a breeder who cares for the parents and the Aussiedoodle puppies and tries to do things the right way. Although River has just one litter a year of F1 Aussiedoodles, and Blade has a yearly litter of F1b Aussiedoodles, Crockett Doodles has partnered with a couple other family friends to each do a home raised litter a year, so that we can offer a few litters a year of mini Aussiedoodles, F1 Aussiedoodles and F1b Aussiedoodles here at BestAussiedoodles.

Each pup will have the same full health warranty that goes home from Crockett Doodles. We always tell Aussiedoodle applicant families in advance not to take it personally if they are not chosen for an upcoming Aussiedoodle litter. We feel privileged to be in that position for our Aussiedoodle pups, but we feel terrible for the potential Aussiedoodle families who are not able to get a pup from us, or have to wait months. Although Aussiedoodles are not currently as popular as Goldendoodles or Labradoodles, they are quickly grown in popularity.When a review is marked Verified Buyerit means Reviews.

Customers reading the reviews can then use this information to help them decide which reviews are more relevant and steer them in their purchasing decisions. Even though some reviews do not carry the "Verified Buyer" badge, it does not mean that the reviewer has no experience with the company - it just means that we could not confirm a specific purchase. The "Verified Buyer" badge offers one more way to help gauge the quality and relevance of a company review. If we are unable to automatically verify you as a "Verified Buyer"you can email supporting documents to support reviews.

We prefer an invoice, delivery note or receipt. When a review is marked "Unverified"it means Reviews. If we are unable to automatically verify you as a "Verified Buyer"you can enter your email address below and we'll be in touch to verify your review. Solutions Overview Learn about Reviews. Are you a business? Start Free Trial. Our Company. Company Reviews Questions Insights. Visit Website. Write Your review. Tell us how crockettdoodles. Would you like to add a photo to this review? Upload Photo.

Leave this blank if you'd like to publish your review anonymously. We need your email address to verify that your review is genuine. You will be contacted by email to verify your review. By submitting your review you agree to the Reviews. They're not a responsible breeder. Don't think you're buying a puppy from a loving home.

I had the chance to speak with the owner Nathan Crockett, he admitted that he ships in puppies by the thousands from Amish puppy mills. I asked him why he wouldn't do things ethically and he replied "They are simply cattle that dumb consumers will pay for" Stay away from CrockettDoodles.

They both operate the same. Email Address. Please select the metric s your feedback relates to Email Address Reason. Report Question. How can I make my review "Verified Buyer"? Okay, that's great. How can I make my review ""Verified""? Visit crockettdoodles.

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